Reducing Malaria Infections and Malaria Deaths in Children
Baby in a weighing Scale

Baby in a weighing Scale


Baby in a weighing Scale

The issue of baby’s weight is one most mums are very concerned about before delivery, after delivery and for the first few years of the child’s life. Many are even concerned up to the adolescent period.
Not only Mums are concerned, we as Paediatricians are concerned as well! This is because the underlying factor in more than 50% of all under-five deaths is MALNUTRITION which usually manifest as weight less than what is expected for the child’s age! So it is key we KNOW and MONITOR our children’s weight so we can identify when there is a problem early so we can seek early intervention and avoid diseases and deaths that come with malnutrition.

I’ll start with what is the ideal weight at birth then how the weight should progress and what the average weight of the child should be. I will allude briefly to what can make the weight to be less than expected or more than expected and what to do when we have any concerns about the weight of our children. AT BIRTH…..the WEIGHT normally ranges from 2.5kg to 4.0kg. Any weight below 2.5 is LOW BIRTH WEIGHT Any weight above 4.0kg is LARGE FOR AGE BIRTH WEIGHT or MACROSOMIC or BIG baby After birth, Babies FIRST LOSE WEIGHT in the first 10 days…..before regaining their birth weight by the 14 day! So it is not unusual or babies to lose weight first. Don’t panic Mum. This is as a result of losing fluids, inadequate feeds at the beginning and so on but as the feeding become established they regain their birth weight at 2 weeks.  Babies begin to gain weight thereafter usually about 30g per day for term babies; 20g per day for preterm babies. That is roughly about 1kg per month for term babies and 600g per month for preterm babies. At this rate, babies DOUBLE their birth weights at 5 -6 months and TRIPLE their birth weights at 1 year! Remember we are talking AVERAGELY…….Some babies do gain a little more; others a little less……So You don’t have to worry as long as your baby’s weight falls into the 80% – 120% range of the average weight I mention; it is OKAY!!! So let us do a little maths……Average weight at birth is 3.5 kg…….at 5 months, doubling will mean weight of 7kg and triple of weight at 1 year will mean weight of 10kg. We have formula and charts of estimating the average weights of each baby….We also have online calculators you can use. Most Mums have Immunization cards and in this card is a WEIGHT CHART that is plotted each time your baby is weighed to know if your baby’s weight is increasing as expected. PLEASE ALWAYS INSIST YOUR BABIES ARE WEIGHED AND THE WEIGHT MEASURED AND CHARTED ON THE CHARTS !!! Unfortunately most of us mums see these cards as important for immunizations record only instead of weight or GROWTH MONITORING 1 YEAR…..AVERAGE WEIGHT IS 10KG2 YEARS ………… 12 KG3 YEARS …………. 14 KG4 YEARS………….. 16KG5 YEARS………….. 18KG6 YEARS …………..20KG

It is important to note that weight varies based on genetics, nationality, gender apart from the food intake.
You can use many online calculator to calculate your baby’s ideal weight. An example is found here
Just input your baby’s weight and gender.. it will bring out the ideal weight, remember weight within 80 – 120% of the ideal is STILL NORMAL!

IF YOU LIKE MATHS……The formula in the photo here is also greatAlternatively use the Growth Chart in your Immunization booklets or cards and trace out the weight on the vertical line that corresponds to your babies weight on the curve of 50th centile…which is the average weight for age of your baby.  It is important to make sure your babies weight do not remain STATIC OR SAME….or WORSE DROP below what it was previously……those are very bad signs!!! IDEALLY YOU SHOULD WEIGH YOUR BABIES MONTHLY IN THE FIRST YEAR OR AT EVERY VISIT TO THE HEALTH FACILITIES! If your baby is NOT GAINING WEIGHT (ORANGE SIGNAL); PLEASE SEE your Paediatrician! If your baby is LOSING WEIGHT (RED SIGNAL) SEE A Paediatrician  URGENTLY!!! If the weight is below 80% of the ideal or average….that is UNDERWEIGHT MALNUTRITION If the weight is BELOW 60% of expected/ideal that is MARASMUS – SEVERE MALNUTRITION If the weight is below 80% and the baby also has puffy eyes or legs (oedema) that is KWASHIOKOR If the weight is below 60% and baby is also puffy with swollen face, legs we call it MARASMIC-KWASHIOKOR! If you discover that your child has Malnutrition, please see your Paediatrician immediately. Children with malnutrition are usually at risk of severe illness and deaths…..

TAKE HOME POINTS to ensure your baby’s maintain ideal weight,
⦁ Ensure you yourself are well-nourished in pregnanc! Eat well and maintain good weight and take folic acid and have enough blood levels. This is to make sure you give birth to a baby who has a normal weight
⦁ Make sure you do attend antenatal care so you are well-taken care of during pregnancy and eat well when pregnant so your baby will have normal weight at delivery
⦁ When the baby is born, EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING FOR THE FIRST SIX MONTHS……no water, no agbo, no formula, no pap….NOTHING but BREAST MILK ONLY!
⦁ From 6 months, INTRODUCE COMPLEMENTARY FOODS while you continue to BREASTFEED for as long as possible.
⦁ Progressively introduce family diet so that by age 2 year, baby is fully on family foods.
⦁ Deworm children after age 1 year every 6 months especially those living in rural endemic areas for worms.
⦁ Make sure you monitor your baby’s weight regularly and when you notice any negative signs, you should alert your doctor immediately.
A well-nourished baby is well-fortified to fight infections and diseases! is your baby maintaining the ideal body weight? If not, why not?


  1. Hello doctors in the house pls my baby of nine months weigh 6.66kg though he looks very very healthy and strong, he’s crawling, he can stand with chair , he has started calling dada, mimicking plps voice etc he does all sorts of funny things that Child of two years will be doing.
    I took him to go and see doctor @ R Jolad hospital gbagada and the doctor said he’s ok that i should not worry about his weight since he’s healthy and eats very well.
    He’s taking Gerber cereal, paps with dried crayfish, soyamilk, groundnut and fish so as to make the pap good.. He takes amala, semo, indome and all other food, i do give him frisogold cereal as well and he’s taking SMA gold milk but am still worried about his weight

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      He should on the average be weighing 9kg at 9 months except he was a small baby from the beginning. Since he eats well, kindly increase the QUANTITY of the feeds he is taken and the frequency as well to at least 6 – 8 times a day. If no improvement, please see a Paediatrician for further management.

  2. Isola Omotayo says:

    Hope my own is not overweight since she is nine months n weighing 11kg.

  3. bunmi says:

    mine is 7.5kg at 9moths. are we doing well at all doc?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Fair but 9kg is the average so work on increasing the quality and quantity of complementary feeds…ensure protein, fruits and vegetables are included in the diet and continue to breastfeed as long as possible

      • Sheidu Blessing says:

        May God bless the good work you do ma .
        Please my 3months old baby boy who was heavyweight suddenly begins to grow lightweight when carried but increased in weight from 5.4_6kg.
        Please I’m so worried for his lightness.

        • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

          The weight based on the scale is more objective than the subjective feeling of “lightness” when carried. The weight of 6kg is appropriate for a 3 month old.

  4. Ojo Deborah says:

    Thanks for sharing this…..but as you have discussed that normal weigh gain for 9months is 9kg,and mine is 7kg.So what do I do

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Your baby is slightly underweight so you need to increase the quantity and frequency of the complementary feeds. Keep monitoring the weight every month to ensure it is increasing. If no changes, kindly see a Paediatrician immediately for further management.

  5. Glory Obinna says:

    Dr well done ma. My baby is 7.5kg at 9mnt, though she is very active, but I wish she adds more. Since after 6mnts exclusive, She has refused taking cereals of all kinds have tried, but preferes the family diets (mostly Eba n soup) I was told by a friend to add sugar as well as other things like milk i do add to pap, please is sugar safe for a 9mnts?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      You can give the family diet and that is fine….Just give variety of them; not only eba. Your baby does not have to take store-bought cereals!!! family diet taken in adequate quantities is perfect.

      • Oluwakemi says:

        Pls ma, my baby weighed 8.2kg on July 26th which was her immunization day. Then she was 8mnths, 3weeks and 5dys.She’s nine months nw.i followed the online calculator for baby weight for nine months and according to it, she’s okk… Ma, pls I need ur opinion.

        • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

          It is okay Mum….Keep feeding her with variety of complementary feeds while you continue to breastfeed as well. All the best

  6. Fancy says:

    My baby of 7 months weigh slightly above 6kg. Are we doing fine?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Well it depends on the birth weight of your baby! You did not state that but if you read the article you can do the calculation and tell me if your baby is doing okay. Most 7 months old actually weigh 8kg on the average if the baby was not small at the beginning.

  7. Yucee says:

    My baby weight s 5.5kg in his 3month s it normal

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      You need to tell us the birth weight first. Kindly also read the article to know what is the expected rate of weight gain and then you can answer this question for yourself.

  8. Funmilola says:

    My baby weighed 3.2kg at birth and weighed 5.7kg during her last immunization. She was 3 months 3weeks at her last visit. The nurses complained she didn’t gain a lot of weight within a month interval. She was initially 5.1kg and then 5.5kg but the last visit she weighed 5.7kg. Pls advice on what to do bcos I am a banker,I work late but I’m doing exclusive breastfeeding expressing milk for the day. Is it that the breast milk is not enough. Do u think I should start adding baby formula. I am really worried,pls advice

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Hi Mum….For a 4 month old, the weight is not too worrisome but I think the Nurse is worried about the baby not gaining weight over a month which should be close to 1kg per month. You need to ensure that you have enough breast milk expressed and breastfeed once you are home especially through all the night. I am sure the baby will begin to gain weight well. Also express while at work so you can take home for the baby as well.

  9. Adeyinka Adebayo says:

    Good work ma’am, God will continue to increase Ur knowledge. My baby was 7 months on d 4th of August and as at that day she weigh 8.3kg, though her birth weight was 3.1kg. Hope she’s doing fine and not overweight?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      She is doing fine but that is the essence of writing this article so you can tell by yourself even before seeing the Paediatrician if your baby’s weight is okay or not. Kindly read again and learn to use the formula to evaluate if your baby is gaining weight well or not.

  10. Racheal Odebunmi says:

    Thanks Dr. My baby birth weight is 3kg,she is 4months now and she weighs 5.8. Is it normal? She is on EBF.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      That is why I wrote the article so read it and answer the question so I will know you have understood how to do it yourself to know if your baby’s weight is age appropriate.

  11. Adaeze says:

    Pls Dr., is my baby obese? He weighs 8.1kg at 15,weeks. His birth weight was 2.8kg and he is on EBF. From my calculation it is more than 120% of the ideal weight at that age. Pls what should I do?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      He is definitely overweight. Please continue exclusive breastfeeding and watch your own diet to be sure that you are not taking too much of protein. However as the child becomes more active they tend to lose the excess weight. If worried, see a Paediatrician

  12. Funmilola says:

    Gud day doc my baby’s birth weight was 3.4kg but at 10wks she weighs 4.4kg she is on EBF,her pediatrician says she should have added more than that.Have been worried since then.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Hello Funmilola.

      The average weight gain as I wrote in the article is 900g per month so your baby should have added close to 2kg to the birth weight.

      However do not worry! Just increase the frequency of breastfeeding – should be on demand and check the weight again may be in a week or 2 and I am sure that your baby’s weight will soon catch up to that expected.

  13. Bolanle says:

    Ma, pls my baby is underweight what do I do? he was 4kg at birth and he weighs 8kg now at 10months. he doesn’t eat more than 6spoons at a sitting. tried soyabean b ut his poo increased from 2 to 4 guess its an allergy. pls advise. thanks

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      You should take him to see a Paediatrician immediately so the malnutrition can be treated first and then you will be taught how to adequately give complementary feeds to your baby. You can also read about it on our website. Kindly treat as urgent!

  14. Chiamaka says:

    My baby just turned 6months on 19th n weighs 8kg whereas she has been on exclusive breastfeeding. Is there need for concern?
    And please I also need complementary foods for my baby cos I don’t even know where to start.

  15. Ronke says:

    Good morning doctor, my baby weighed 3kg at birth, 5kg at 6 weeks, 7.5kg at 10 weeks and 8.6kg at 14 weeks. Meanwhile he was given baby food at his first month because my breast wasn’t lactating but placed on only breastfeeding since his 6th week. Please I need your response to this.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      What is the question? I am not sure. Meanwhile please continue exclusive breastfeeding.

  16. Adesanya Titilayo O says:

    Pls ma, is my baby overweight? He was 3.5kg at birth, 6kg at 6weeks,7. 2kg at 10week and 8kg at 14weeks. Is he overweight and if yes what do I need to do pls

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Yes…how are you feeding the baby? maintain him on exclusive breastfeeding only

  17. Yinka says:

    Dear doctor
    My baby weight was 4.4kg at our six Weeks checkup.and her birth weight was3.5kg ma is she underweight. If yes wat can I do to boast it?.shes on exclusive till I resume work

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Her weight is fine and age-appropriate. Please read the article again. Meanwhile just continue exclusive breastfeeding!

  18. Agnes Charles says:

    Goodday doc, my baby weight at birth is 4.2kg at 6weeks she weight 5kg, at 6months she weighed 7.3kg but she looks like 4months old baby but very active.when gave birth to her she ĺooks chubby until when she was 4months she is reducing the chubby Is not longer there.pls ma, i want to know if something is wrong concerning her size .both parent’s are not short.Thanks ma.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      I am not sure how you think a 4 month old baby should look. She does not have to be chubby she just need to have normal weight. The weight she has now is still age appropriate and there is no need to worry. Read the article I wrote for those who worry about their babies not being chubby here

  19. Agoe carole says:

    Hullo doc,my baby was a preterm 33weeks birthweight of 1.8kg then lost to 1.5kgs on discharge, now were are 3months corrected age and she is 4.6kgs on EBF are we on the right track.Thanks

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Hi Carole…yes you are on the right track, well done! Your baby’s corrected age is actually 5 weeks, that is a little above 1 month. If a 1 month old weighed 4.6kg, I will be very happy and excited. So you are doing great. Kindly continue the exclusive breastfeeding

  20. Adejoke says:

    Pls doc my baby was 3.7kg at birth then during the second immunization at 4weeks it drop to 2.9kg, I’m really concerned because she is on exclusive feeding and she is sucking very well

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      That is not what we expect Adejoke in a baby who is sucking well. There is a problem somewhere. It is either the baby is not getting enough milk intake or there is a disease condition that is limiting the food conversion to weight gain. I will advise you see a Paediatrician immediately as your baby is actually failing to thrive in our medical jargon. Please treat as urgent.

  21. Patience says:

    Hello ma’am.
    My baby was 1.4 at birth(preterm)
    He is 6 months and weighs 7kg now.
    Are we progressing or he ought to weigh more than that.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      You are progressing beautifully Patience. Well done. Kindly introduce complementary feeds now. All the best!

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Hi Patience…You did not say the gestational age. However, from 1.4kg to 7kg in 6 months is very good. Well done Mum. Kindly introduce complementary feeds now. All the best. Read about infant feeding

  22. Precious says:

    Hello Dr, please my baby is 14weeks and 5days today. She weighted 3.9kg at birth, 5.5kg @6weeks, 6.3kg@10weeks, 6.8kg @14weeks. And the Dr said she s abit slow during her 14weeks immunization. Though he said I should add formula .which i started yesterday. I noticed today that her poo has a slimmy substances in it. Though not much . the poo is normal but just that slime stuff. She has made a poo twice today. Is the slime normal? Or is it something to worry about?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      I don’t think there is anything to worry about your baby’s weight and will recommend that you go back to the exclusive breastfeeding you are doing and ditch the formula introduced. Mucoid stools (slime) are not normal – may be a sign of infection or other issues especially if persistent. You can keep breastfeeding exclusively and your baby will be fine.

  23. Sarina says:

    Good afternoon my baby girl weigh 6kg and she will be 5month on the 14th I ho hope we are on track ma.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Hi Sarina! You did not specify the birth weight of your baby. The formula for knowing if the weight is appropriate or not was clearly detailed in the article. You should read it again and let me know if you think your daughter is gaining weight appropriately. I wrote this article so that you can learn how to DIY that is know if your baby’s weight is okay or not and what you should do about it. Thank you for reading.

      • Folasade says:

        Pls MA, my baby weighed 5.2 today at 10weeks, she is 3.5kg at birth…. Thank u for always bn there ma

        • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

          That is good. Read the article again so you can learn the do-it-yourself skills that will help you to know if the weight gain is adequate or not.

  24. Abidemi says:

    Pls doc my baby is 9month going to 10 month in less dan 2 weeksand his weight is 10kg,hope he is ok,and also recently he stops eating his cereal food and prefer our our normal food diet hope its ok for his age.

  25. sakiemi edmund sogules says:

    My baby is 1year six months weight is 9.8kg am not comfortable so I added soya beans, groundnut crayfish,fish and unripe Plantain to her pap millet maize zoro and Tiger nut i know if it’s OK I also add sugar to it cos she won’t take without sugar

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      You should add one new food item at a time in case the child reacts to any of them. It is okay to use a little sugar to the pap for taste. The food combination are too many. Read more about how to give age-appropriate complementary feeds here

  26. jocelyn Kpebah says:

    Goodevening drs.pls my son weights 8.5 dressed. I understand why he is not making the righ weight at his age. my problem is that he doesnt pass stool often. It can take him 5_8 days. The stool is hard and he cries alot while doing it.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      He has constipation. Though constipation does not necessarily cause children to be underweight. Kindly read about constipation here

      You did not state the age of your baby so it is difficult to comment about the weight if appropriate or not.

  27. fummie says:

    My 3months old baby was 3.5kg at birth, 5.9 kg @6weeks. At 10weeks he weighed 7kg and 7.8kg at 14weeks, pls is the weight normal for his age? He’s been on exclusive breastfeeding. Thnks doctor.

  28. Bukky says:

    Dr thanks for the good work. My baby is 2yrs now but she is weighing 16.5kg but her height is 109cm should I be worried.

  29. Light says:

    God bless the works of your hands ma..plz my baby weighed 3.5kg@ she is 1year and 7months n she’s weighing 10.5..Am worried because we just finished treating her malaria and ear infection from the hospital..I want to know if her weight is okay for her age or not..FTM

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      The weight is fine….There is no need to worry. Please read the article so you can learn to calculate it for yourself and know if it is okay or not. That is why the article is written so you can learn to do it for yourself.

  30. Dee says:

    Doc, thanks for the good work, my baby is 11kg @ 9months, his birth weight is 3.4.should I be worried?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      There is no need to worry Dee….Weight between 80 – 120% of expected is still within normal limits. The 9kg is just the average…some can be a little above and a little below….There is no need to worry at all!

  31. Titilope says:

    good morning doctor, my baby weight 3.25 at birth now is 3week and her weight is 2.75. Please advice. thank you ma

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Hi Titilope….A baby losing weight instead of gaining weight is not a good sign. Are you breastfeeding exclusively? Is your breast milk flowing well? You need to see a Paediatrician immediately for quick intervention so the failure to thrive which is what we call the condition when a baby is not gaining weight can be properly addressed so it does not persist. Please treat as urgent.

  32. Dee says:

    Good day doc, my 9month baby weighed 11kg and his birth weight was 3.4. I read that the average weight is 9kg. Should I be worried? Hope he is not overweight

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      It is still within normal…..anything 80 – 120% of the expected weight is still normal. There is really no need to worry.

  33. Zino says:

    Good day doctor, my baby weighed 2.3kg at birth and her last immunization of 2months n 1wk she weighed 4.6kg.plz is she growing well tank u ma

  34. Zino says:

    Good day doctor, my baby weighed 2.3kg at birth and her last immunization of 2months n 1wk she weighed 4.6kg shes’s on EBF. plz is she growing well tank u ma

  35. akinsunmoye precious says:

    Gud work doctor,pls wat can I give my 6 and half months old dat is having constant cold and catarrh affecting his breathing at times.he was treated once for bronchopneumonia at 4 months,now I don’t expose him to cold or fan but he still av blocked nostrils and cough.pls help me

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Kindly take him to the hospital so he can be properly examined first.

      DO not self-medicate in children as it can be dangerous and of course I do not treat children by proxy without seeing them at first. keep the baby warm, ensure you are still breastfeeding and take all the appropriate vaccines as well as preventive measures.

      However when the child has symptoms especially with breathing issues, the child MUST be seen by a doctor first for proper clinical evaluation and treatment.

  36. Adewumi Esther says:

    Hi Doc, My baby is underweight. He was 3.5kg at birth, and now 13month, he is 7.5. What should I do.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Please take him to see a Paediatrician and Nutritionist for further evaluation. They need to advise you on how to give appropriate high calories and high protein diet so as to ensure the child gains weight after ruling out any possible medical conditions that could also make the child to have underweight malnutrition.

  37. Fruthy says:

    Please doctor, mine is 1 year, 8 months and weighed 8.3kg last month. I’ve done a lot. What should I do please? He’s not started standing or walking independently although he can hold things to stand and walk around with support.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      It seems there are issues with the baby. The child is slightly underweight and also has delayed developmental milestone. You should take him to see a Paediatrician for thorough evaluation and further management.

      • Chi says:

        Hello Doctor, my baby was underweight for the first 8 months. I did a lot of complimentary feeding and she’s gained weight. Now at 1yr 6months, she’s over 16kg. She doesn’t look fat, just very chubby and healthy. Is that okay?

        • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

          She is now overweight! The ideal weight should be 11kg. So you may want to ensure you are not overfeeding her….4 times a day with 1 – 2 healthy snacks a day is fine! Also cut out pastries and biscuits or packed juices. Also allow her to move and play a lot. She will be fine!

  38. Margaret says:

    Gud day Doc.
    My baby weighed 2.9kg at birth, when I went for 6weeks yesterday, she weighed 5.2. Is it OK?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Hi Margaret! That is why I wrote the article so you can learn to do it by yourself!!!

      That is fine….However if you have not, please do read the article patiently and use the formulas highlighted to know if your baby’s weight is okay or not so you do not have to ask the paediatricians (pun intended) all the time!

  39. FOLAYEMI oladapo says:

    Thank you ma for all the good work you are doing for us , please MA my baby weight 1.4 at birth although she was born at 32wks now she is 3month and she weight 2.8 , am only give her breasts please MA is she OK cos am so worried or any thing I should do or give to make are big and gain weight .

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Hi Folayemi…that is fine….Keep breastfeeding exclusively and she will keep gaining weight steadily! As long as she is adding at least 600g – 800g/month, that is good. Also make sure that she is being followed up by a Paediatrician. She can not gain too much too rapidly. Slow and steady is better!

  40. Beatrice says:

    Pls ma baby of 14week weigh 4.8 she was 2.5@birth , she poo like 5-6 daily. What can I do for poo to reduce so that she can gain weight. Thank you

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Her weight is fine and you do not have to worry at all. Please keep breastfeeding exclusively!
      As regards the stools, the frequency is normal, in fact it can be up to 8 – 12 times a day!! As long as the stools are not watery, there is really no need for you to worry! Keep breastfeeding exclusively!

  41. NTHATI says:

    Doctors please help…my son of 1 year 4 months has tonsilitis around August…ever since then he has not been feeing well v is currently weighing 8.77 kg. I have tried all but he just won’t swallow food. His immunization card is at Orange. What steps should I take to make sure he consumes enough food and gained weight.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      By now the tonsillitis should have cleared so I do not think the poor appetite or picky eating has to do with the Tonsillitis. Kindly read about tips on how to ensure that your child has healthy eating habits here

  42. Eniola says:

    Compliment of the season ma.
    I gave birth to my baby @ 3.7kg and she weighs 12.9kg now @9months. What can I do to shed of the weight abit. Pls help a worried mum. Thank you ma.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Hi Eniola….Just make sure you do not overfeed and also avoid giving junk foods like biscuits and packed juice. Just give healthy snacks like fruits. As the baby starts to move more actively, the weight will become more age-appropriate

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