Deworming children is another popular area many mums do ask questions about from their Paediatricians.

Some Mums routinely deworm all their children every 3 months because every problem in childhood is traceable to worms…..No appetite, it is worms! No weight gain….it is worms! Constipation….worms! Abdominal pain…worms! Tiredness? Worms! Weakness…worms!!!

This may sound funny but I actually do know moms who believe that once you deworm a child, everything becomes right in the child’s world! Some believe so strongly in this that they want to deworm even newborn babies!!!

So in this post, we will be looking at deworming children, when to start? How often? What are the recommended drugs for deworming and the right doses. I hope you find answers that will deworm you of all your worm-worries. I will also address a few life questions I have been asked on the issue.

Worms are a group of parasites that can cause problems when they enter the human body in children and adults. There are different types of worms like round worms, pin worms, hookworms, whipworms, schistosoma and so on.

These worms are important especially for those of us living in developing countries where they are so common because of the effects they have on the health of infected children or properly speaking when the children have worms infestation.

The serious outcomes of worm infestations in children are:

  1. Poor growth and/or malnutrition
  2. Bleeding in the intestines which can lead to loss of iron and anaemia (low blood level);
  3. Difficulty with absorption of nutrients in the intestine
  4. Diarrhoea
  5. Loss of appetite which can lead to a reduction in food intake.
  6. Poor learning and poor school performance
  7. Organ damage for example they can block the intestines if that many that an operation may be needed to unblock the affected intestines.

Due to this serious problems that worms can cause, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends regular deworming of all people at risk which include children in areas that have plenty of these worms (endemic areas) to prevent and avoid above-mentioned problems. Our country, Nigeria; like many other developing countries especially the rural areas; has a high worm infestation rates and so routine deworming is recommended for our children.

The dosage and timing for preschool children are as recommended below. School-aged children should also be dewormed if they are not dewormed in school routinely. Many organizations do carry out routine campaigns to deworm school children.

Question: Please can one ‘deworm’ a child (14 months old) buying said drug over the counter or one needs a Doc’s prescription to do that?
Yes children above one year can be wormed. Deworming medications are over-the counter (OTC) drugs so you do not need a Doctor’s prescription to buy one.

Question: How often do I need to deworm my child?
Children can be dewormed every 4 -6 months.

Question: There are many deworming drugs? How do I know which to choose?
There are different drugs for treating worm infestation; some are for a specific type of worms. The Albendazole is recommended for routine deworming as it affects many types of worms. If you want another type of worm-expellers, you can ask your doctor to be sure it is also suitable.
I will love to hear from you in comments or via email. I love to answer your questions. Comment on this post and let me know your thoughts about deworming children.



  1. Adeyemi Bukola says:

    Thank you for this information. During immunization, the nurses asked us to deworm starting from Six months . Is this okay or not?

  2. Balogun Olufunke says:

    Is it appropriate to deworm a child while on malaria treatment.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      You can…no problem at all with that if needed that is if the child has not been dewormed in the last 6 months

  3. Charity Adjei says:

    Thank u so much for what u are doing for we mothers may God richly blesd u. I would like to know the dosage for my son who will be two on friday for the deworming. Am frm Ghana

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Thank you for your kind words Charity. You can give 400mg or 20ml for a 2 year old to deworm.

  4. Ayodele Helen says:

    Good evening l just used Zentel l broke 1 tablet into two because 1tab is 200mg and my baby is 17months l could not see the suspension to buy please did l give the right dose or was it a wrong calculation because l thought 100mg is enough for baby. Pls kindly help with the right dose or should l still used Albendazole

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      You should have given the whole 200mg tablet Helen. Well done! Zentel is a brand of Albendazole!

  5. Ethel says:

    My daughter of 13years was given worm tablet in her school last month June, they said from ministry of health, pls ma I want to know when next to deworm her. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  6. Temitayo Sanya says:

    Well done doctor. God will bless you richly and continue to strengthen you. I wanted to give 10mls of zolat( brand of albendazole) to my 2yrs 4month child but now I know she can take the whole 20mls bottle.

  7. ogundimbola Foluke says:

    Good evening doctor, please my daughter is 8, how many times can I deworm her?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      8 what??? Please always tell a Paediatrician how exactly old your child is in days, weeks, months or years!! The answer can be completely poles apart! So Foluke let me know if she is 8 hours or 8 years old. Thanks

  8. olajumoke says:

    God bless you doctor for this,pls my question is should worm medicine be administer immediately after meal or last thing before bed time?Thank you

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Thanks Olajumoke for reading. You can administer at any time! There is no restriction!

  9. bunmi says:

    gud evening doc. pls i hv a 10mths okd baby. shes not really gaining weight and d appetite is not too good. shld i go ahead and deworm her?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      No! The most important thing to do is to know WHY she is not gaining weight! If her intake of food is poor – why? That is why you need to see a Paediatrician first. Worms are not the likely cause in this age group who are not yet exploring the environment as such as to be exposed. You need to increase the variety and quantity of the complementary feeds while still continuing to breastfeed for as long as possible!

  10. Akindunni Olajumoke says:

    Thanks for the information.

  11. Oluseyi says:

    I have not really been deworming my kids because doctors in the hospital we use says its not necessary since the kids eat at home and their meals are well cooked. How right is this doctor? And what’s the dosage for kids between 3-6 years of albendazole. Thanks doctor.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      It is recommended for those of us who live in worm-endemic areas and Nigeria is one of them. I am sure your children buy and eat fruits as well which are not cooked and may not be washed properly. Children walk and play in the soil and sand as well. Not all worms are through contaminated foo. Dirty hands too and some penetrate through the body as well. The dosages are clearly stated in the article and is the same for all children and adults above 2 year old! It is 400mg tablet (2 *200mg) or 20ml of the suspension. You give every 6 months!

  12. Pauline Sarah says:

    I have not deworm my children for a very long time one is two years and the other is four years six months old please ma what dose should l give each of them. Thank you so much ma for your kind reply God bless you.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Hi Sarah….The dosages are clearly stated in the article and is the same for all children and adults above 2 year old! It is 400mg tablet (2 *200mg) or 20ml of the suspension.

  13. Kenny says:

    Gud day ma, actually joined this group yerternight. U are really doing a great job . God bless ma. I complained about my baby abdominal pain while I was sent a link to read about Colic. Clear and understood. Wish there is drug for that effect.Thanks ma.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Thank you for joining our Facebook Group! There are few medications for colic! A popular one is called INFACOL!! Though most colic go on their own. Here is the link to the article, just click on colic

  14. Osy says:

    Can the worm expeller be administered anytime or must it be on an empty stomach and just before bed?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Thank you Osy! It can be administered any time before, with food or after food.

  15. adelola olukemi says:

    Does teeth grinding relate to worm infestation. thanks

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      NO! Teeth grinding or what we cal Bruxism can be an habit or a sign of subtle seizures (convulsion)! You may want to see a doctor first preferably a Paediatrician if you are not sure!

  16. Seyifunmi Ife says:

    Thank you very much Doctor, please my son will be 14 months this August, what dosage can I give to him and the type of deworming drug can I give him. Thanks

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      This is stated in the article already. Kindly read first, thanks for dropping by!

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      The dosages are clearly stated in the article and is the same for all children and adults above 2 year old! It is 400mg tablet (2 *200mg) or 20ml of the suspension. For children 1 – 2 years, give 200mg tablet or 10ml of the suspension of Albendazole

  17. Opeyemi kolawole omon ogudo says:

    Thanks so much ma. Please how often should children above 5yrs. Precisely 5 and half and 7years be dewormed what dosage.

  18. Joy says:

    Good day, pls I need ur advice.
    My son is 5 years old, he is not big and fat. But he eat very well. Pls am worry that he is not big.

  19. Deborah says:

    Please ma i would like to know the dosage to give my 6years old and my 5 year old, also how many months interval should i deworm again. Please is abendazole the same as pyratin because i used pyratin last for my kids. Thank you ma.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Deborah…you should read the article first …all your questions were answered in the article. Pyratin is not the same as Albendazole. It is different but you can use pyrantin as well.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      The dosages are clearly stated in the article and is the same for all children and adults above 2 year old! It is 400mg tablet (2 *200mg) or 20ml of the suspension of the Albendazole!

  20. Kashbabie says:

    Good evening doctor, you doing a great job here, may God continue to increase u in wisdom and may He strengthen you.I was joined here by a sister this evening.My question goes ma;I have a 1yr 3months old baby and i bought ZOLAT of 20ml to deworm him, do i use the whole of the 20ml at once.Thanking u in anticipation ma.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      JUst 10ml……the 20ml is from age 2 years. Thank you for stopping by…Keep reading all our articles

  21. Margaret says:

    Thank you Doctor for this session on deworming. But the doctors at the hospital says it’s every 3mth,when my 2yrs old was admitted for infection n malaria,they asked if she has been dewormed ,I told them it’s 3mth since I dewormed as I do it every 6mth,they look at me as if I didn’t knw better,permit me to quote you next time am asked . I live in Abuja

  22. Oghogho says:

    Hello ma, God bless you richly for the amazing job you are doing. I just gave my 16months old daughter one tablet of pyrantrin 125mg before seeing this article. What should I do now?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      That is fine….Pyrantrin can also be use in deworming. You can deworm again in 6 months

  23. Mrs Alabetutu says:

    Pls is zolat also albendazole,as per the dosage is it once? Or the 20ml should be taken twice-10ml -10ml?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Yes Mrs Alabetutu…Zolat is a brand name for Albendazole. The whole dose of 20ml should be taken all at once.

  24. Ndukauba Chinenye says:

    Pls ma I use pyrantrin for my children 5 nd 3yrs and from d dosages on the drug it says
    6months to 2 yrs 2.5ml
    2 – 6 yrs 5ml
    6 – 12yrs 10ml
    l2 yrs nd above15ml
    Pls ma is the dosage ok?

  25. Elfreda says:

    Hello Ma, have gotten 10ml albendazole for my 1year 10months baby. And read that its good to give it with vitamin A which I have already. Should I give her the whole vitamin A tablet?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Kindly obtain Vitamin A at the Health Centre.

      The dose of oral Vitamin A in easily dispensable tablet is low compared to what is in the Capsule at the Health Centre. The Vitamin A capsule is given every 6 months till age 5 years.

  26. Dunni says:

    Hello Dr., i deworm my children every three three month with Combantrin tablets and without Vitamin A. The last time i deworm them was on Tuesday, i used 2tables for my 3year old and 4tablets for my 7years old without Vitamin A, hope i have not be doing harm to my children?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      No harm but too frequent deworming – every 6 month is fine. Children 6 months – 5 years should be given appropriate dose of Vitamin A capsules at the Primary Health Centre. You are not doing any harm but you can do better by following the standard recommendations.

  27. Ify says:

    Thank u for d gud work God is using u to do in dis group. Ma pls I gave my baby of 17months 10mls of pyrantrin yesterday and d pharmacist asked me to give her d remaining one today, pls ma is right. Thank u in anticipation.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      There is no need to repeat it again the following day except your baby is being treated for a particular type of worm infestation. If it is just for regular deworming,it is just once every 6 months.

  28. Chika Ugwu says:

    Good evening doc, my kids are ages 5yrs, 4yrs, 2yrs+ and 5months apart from the baby the senior ones i took them for routine checkup as i have always do i ask if i can deworm and the doc said no he asked me when i dewormed them i told him march this year he said is not necessary. what advise do you give as the doc for children.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Hi Chika.

      The World Health Organization recommends ROUTINE DEWORMING for children who live in worm-endemic areas like Nigeria especially those in rural areas. However if you think you are elite enough and you think your kids are not at risk of worms infestation, you may not want to. However, for children who go to school, play with colleagues in sand and so on, you have more peace of mind deworming the children.

  29. ujunwa says:

    Just to say thank you to this awsome group. I have learnt a lot and have had most of my questions answered from reading this article. God bless you..Doc Gbemisola and her group.

  30. Nkiruka says:

    Hello Dr. I must commend the good work you are doing for mothers via this platform. I really appreciation the information I get here. Good bless the team behind this.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Thank you so much Nkiruka. Amen to the prayers, keep reading and keep sharing our page.

  31. Nancy Ipalibo says:

    I really appreciate your kind hearted services and help to mothers regarding our children’s health through this platform. May God richly bless u and continue to give u more wisdom and knowledge in all ur endeavors. I have learnt a lot from ur articles and responses to comments.

  32. Nancy Ipalibo says:

    Please my appreciation goes to Doctor Gbemisola and her team.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Thank you Nancy…I appreciate your kind words on behalf of my team. God bless you too


    Thank you Doctor. I thank God for what He is using you to do. More grease to your elbow. God bless you.

  34. Nirgun says:

    Hello Dr,
    I have a 14 months old baby who weighs 18 lbs and I want to know the deworming medicine for her please . We live is USA.
    Thanks a lot for your support

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      The child weighed 8.2kg which is still within normal though lower limit of normal. The regular deworming is recommended for children living in worm-edemic areas. Nigeria is one of such. I am not sure US qualifies as a worm-endemic region except you are living in rural areas or farms. You may want to clarify that with your Paediatrician or GP first. All the best!

  35. ogidan olumide says:

    good morning ma,my son 8years old complain stomach ache most time around his navel and not eating well for like 4 weeks now and i deworm him around July 2017.kindly enlighten me on that ma

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      There are many causes of abdominal pain in children. It is better to see a doctor preferably a Paediatrician who will examine the child to know if there is any underlying cause of the abdominal pain and treat as appropriately!

  36. gbemisola says:

    Pls ma,my baby is really underweight a year boy weight 7.5kg he doesn’t eat,have use different type of muitivatamin stil the same,my mum just told me now that it maybe worm that I shud deworm him,1month ago I gave him pyrantin just bcos I dnt want to give him overdose I just gave him small dose which is nt up to 2.5ml also repeat it next day I only use it for him two,I want to know if am on right channel if yes,my boy is stil not eaten,what I my going to do ma?pls I really need ur advice nd can I give him blood tonic just to make him eat very well and increase weight.tanks ma

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      It is okay to deworm your child. However use the appropriate dose recommended on the package or leaflet of the deworming medicine.

      You should take your child to see a Paediatrician as regards him being underweight. Please do not give blood tonics or any drugs to make the child eat. See a Paediatrician and/or Nutritionist first.

      All the best

  37. Irene Ugheoke says:

    Thank you Dr Gbemisola…I learnt a lot from this article. God bless your hand Work

  38. Olasam says:

    Thanks doctor. Can I use Pyrantrin for my daughter of 2yrs 6months? Still 20ml if yes?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      NO!!! Pyrantrin is combantrin and the dose is different. The appropriate dose for your 2 year old is 5ml. It is usually written on the pack.

      The 20ml dose is for the Albendazole!

  39. Miriam says:

    Please Doctor my son is 1year 5months and he weighs 8kg. I would like to know if its normal his weight was 1.8kg when he was born. Please he doesnt eat well,i have taken him to the hospital seveal times but he is same. Am worried please advice me,am a new mom. Am from Ghana

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Since your baby was preterm I assume, it will be nice to know how preterm so we can calculate the corrected age. It is the corrected age that will help one to know if the weight is appropriate or not. Ideally a term baby who had a normal birth weight should be weighing 11kg at close to 18 months. You should be patient and gradually introduce and experiment with lot of varieties of food. Get more tips here

      Also ensure that you follow up with the Paediatricians and deworm every 6 months.

  40. Dee says:

    Doc, I was given a 1/2 tablet for deworming at health center when I took my baby for 9months immunization 2weeks ago. I read your article that says no deworming before 1year, but people have been disturbing me to use since it’s from health center. What should I do?

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Yes Dee….I am aware some health centres deworm at 9 months and that is because they are not sure of seeing the children again since most health centres give the last vaccine at 9 months after which most mothers do not go back again. It is a strategy but not ideal as deworming should be done (more effective) from 1 year when the child is already moving around and eating finger foods and fruits, thus more at risk of getting worm infestation. However, nothing will happen if you give the drugs at 9 months but it is waste as the chances of the baby being worm-infested at that age is small indeed

  41. Mrs Ogbeide says:

    Good evening Doc. Keep up the good work. Is it true that children with big umblical Hernias often tend to have worms more often and shld hence be dewormed more frequently? MY 25 months old toddler has a big Hernia and am being told to deworm her more often than normal. Pls advice

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      No! That’s pure myth! Children with umbilical hernia do not have worms more than any other child and they do not need to be dewormed more frequently than what is recommended for other children. Just deworm every 6 months. As regards the hernia, you can see a Paediatric surgeon who will advise further if it will resolve on its own or if surgery is needed as a definitive treatment depending on how big the hernia is and if there are complications or obstructions.

  42. Joy says:

    Hello Dr. How do post new topics on the platform. Thank you.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      I am not sure I understand this comment Joy! Are you requesting for us to address more topics or how do you get to read other topics on the website? If it is the latter, kindly click on the menu “articles” to see over 50 topics on child health issues already addressed on the website. Thank you for reading.

  43. TJ says:

    Good day Dr Boyega, please can one deworm a baby currently stooling? He’s having frequent stool but eating very well and no vomiting and no weakness. He is 17 months and has never been dewormed.
    Thank you Ma and God bless.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      For the frequent stooling (if watery stools), give ORS and oral Zinc.

      You can deworm as well…..though you can also wait until the diarrhoea has resolved before deworming.

      All the best

  44. Tobi says:

    Thank you Dr for this article. What time of the day should one deworm the child? Morning or night? After meal or before? Thanks.

  45. Soso says:

    Thank you doctor for the good work, God bless you richly. Please my baby has been in and out if the hospital since he started creche for almost 2 months now. I’ve been visiting the hospital at first malaria and after then, they say no malaria but he’s been on different antibiotics, cough syrups, ibuprofen (as it seemed paracetamol was no longer okay) TAMBAC, Salbutamol, multivitamin and vitamin C.
    He still doesn’t eat and stools and cranky, I’m kind of thinking reworking is the last resort. He’s now 10 months and 2 weeks, seeing him sick breaks me down as he used to be this wanting to eat everything baby

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      It is most likely as a result of infections picked up from the creche. You may want to consider the option of keeping at home with a nanny. Read more about challenges of Daycare here

  46. Soso says:

    *I meant deworming, not reworking please, thanks a bunch Doc

  47. Yetunde says:

    Good evening Doc! God bless you real good and all mother! Amen
    Please can i give conmbatrin to my 16 months old baby?

  48. Biose sheila says:

    My son just finished taking his antibiotic drug, can i deworm him or i should wait fr sometime? Thanks

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      There is no cross-reaction with antibiotics and deworming drugs. So you can deworm if the child has not been dewormed previously or in the last 6 months.

  49. Faith says:

    Good evening doc. Thanks so much for this article it’s really educating. My question is my baby is 1yr and almost 2month old. Never been deworm. Right now she is on malaria med and antibiotics for infection. And she also teething because her gum is swollen, she started passing out pasty and watery kind of stool today about 3times now. And she also vomited twice today. Can I deform her tomorrow.? Bcos am suspecting she might be vomiting bcos of d worm. Thanks will b waiting for ur response ma.

  50. Hannah says:

    God bless you doc. Pls I bought pyrantrin suspension for my 15 months old baby. What is the correct dosage. The last I dewormed her was in August and was told to give her 10 ml at once. But today another pharmacist is saying 2.5 ml for two days . Am confused, pls help. She is one and three. Thanks.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      This is usually written on the package for next time….The dose is 11mg/kg at once. The dose can vary depending on the specific worms being treated or if as in your case it is just been used for preventive deworming.

  51. Katherine Michael says:

    Good evening Ma, please why should we deworm our children along side with vitamin A.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      It does not necessarily have to be along with Vitamin A….It is just easier and convenient for the health centres to get both done at the same time….the most important thing is that the children are dewormed and they also get their Vitamin A supplement in view of the benefits

  52. jennifer says:

    Good evening doc,l just concluded giving my baby grl antimalarial drug(lornat)paediatric last 3days ago .just this afternoon she starts running temperature and vomiting. Am thinking of giving her worn medicine.Wot do l do pls shes 3yrs

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Worm is not the cause of fever and vomiting. Please stop diagnosing children by yourself…not everything is either Malaria or worms. There are so many causes of fever and vomiting in children. That is why there are doctors and hospitals to take sick children to. Kindly see a doctor immediately so your child can be examined properly and evaluated including laboratory tests to know the cause of the fever and vomiting and appropriate treatment can be started. Delay can be dangerous

  53. Martina says:

    Hi doc thanks for the information it has been very beneficial but how soon after deworming can u give a child multivitamin or a tonic.

    • Dr Gbemisola Boyede says:

      Kindly do not give blood tonic routinely in children, Multivitamins can be given any time; has nothing to do with do with deworming

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